A little bit about me...

As a qualified teacher, I have seen and experienced first-hand the pressures school children and staff face daily. Many days I would find children who were struggling to regulate their emotions or who were suffering with extreme anxiety daily, amongst other issues. I would equally find staff who were also struggling with the workload and high expectations placed upon them. It was from these experiences I made the decision to retrain as a counsellor as I could see the huge benefits this role could bring to a variety of people. This led me on my journey to become a school counsellor where I worked with various students, parents/guardians, and staff.

During my time here, I found many students struggled to understand and articulate what and how they were feeling. This is what inspired me to seek out other types of therapy as I realised talking therapies were not always the best fit for everyone. It was from this realisation I went on to train and receive my Equine Facilitated Therapy Diploma. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Equine Facilitated Therapy and I am excited to be able to use this experimental and transformative therapy as another way to help people deal with a range of issues.

My current role involves working with schools, where I support students with any issues they are experiencing in school or at home. In my private practice, I deliver 1-1 Counselling and Equine Facilitated Therapy sessions, as well as group workshops, to adults and young people.