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Six Week Programme

This programme is designed for adolescents with a focus on healthy life choices and is delivered over six, two hourly, weekly sessions during term time.
In participating in engaging and enjoyable activities, individuals become actively involved in the learning process, often setting up their own initiatives. A gentle yet powerful form of experimental therapy, this group partners with horses and other forms of action-based therapy as a catalyst for change. Knowledge of or experience with horses is NOT necessary for participation in this programme.
In a world where young people have witnessed a world pandemic and a strong social media presence, it is not surprising the impact this may have on individuals face to face social skills, communication and interactions. This six week programme will encourage participants to:
·       Build self-confidence and esteem
·       Discover the meaning of group accountability, effort, accomplishment, and the joy of team work
·       Discover the basics of group dynamics and how they relate to living in a family or group environment
·       Learn to read and appreciate body language, “do you realise what your body just said?”
·       Develop creative thinking and problem solving skills
·       Discover the trust building process by experiencing it first-hand
·       Learn and experience empathy, sensitivity and patience
·       Learn to appreciate the relationship between physical safety and emotional risk-taking and how that relates to family and group issues


Day Group Session

This is a four hour, group session. Participants will take part in a range of outdoor activities, which includes working with our team of horses.  Due to the way the session is delivered, it will offer young people the opportunity to learn and build skills in a fun and unique way. Knowledge of or experience with horses is NOT necessary for participation in this programme. The workshop aims to promote and develop the following skills:
·       Communication
·       Cooperation
·       Creative Problem solving
·       Delegation/acceptance of responsibility
·       Focus
·       Following directions
·       Listening skills
·       Patience
·       Responsibility for self and others
·       Safety
·       Team work
·       Trust


Anxiety Workshop

This two hour workshop is aimed at young people who are struggling with stress and anxiety. The workshop will give participants a greater understanding of:

  • What anxiety is.

  • Their own anxiety triggers.

  • Strategies to deal with their anxiety.

The following approaches will be used to help those who wish to work towards removing anxiety from their lives:

  • Established counselling theories

  • Equine Facilitated Therapy activities

  • Mindfulness

There is a range of research that promotes the positive impact nature and animals have on people's mental health so it is pleasing to be able to offer both of these.

Age: 8 years +

Groups will be kept small so places are limited.


A 10 page information / support booklet and resources are included in price. 


Wellbeing Workshop

This is a two hour workshop aimed at young people. The aim of the workshop is to promote children's general wellbeing and mental health.

The following approaches and activities to be offered are:

• Equine Facilitated Therapy activities
• Mindfulness 
• Craft activities & games

Age: 8 years +

All Mindfulness and craft resources are included in price.