Jenna Hall Counselling

Do you feel stuck? Lost? Alone? Depressed? Does your child feel anxious, worried, sad, angry or unable to attend school? I am a qualified Counsellor and Equine Facilitated Therapy Practitioner with years of experience working with young people and adults. My mission is to release people from their emotional discomfort and give them all the necessary tools to develop, grow and cope with life's challenges.

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What Clients Have Said...


Jenna is an amazing, warm and skilled counsellor. She has a way of making you feel at ease while gently challenging unhelpful ways of thinking to promote positive change in a friendly and non-judgemental way. She helped me immensely and gave me some much-needed space to vent out my stress and anxiety. Thank you, Jenna.





Jenna Hall Counselling

Based in Solihull


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